If You Call it ‘Medical Research’ You Can Get Away with Murder


The World is a Drama, Staged in a Dream. In a Moment, the Play is Played Out. The world is a game of chess. Filled with kings, queens, pawns, and bishops. Although, in this game of chess there are but only two players. Only they decide the next move, then play it out. In our … Continue reading

Throughout history, yes we've been eating meat. However, in that time, man would hunt, kill, and prepare their own meat. Not torture and inhumanely slaughter animals. It's sad that this has become the new norm, where people turn a blind eye to the killing and torturing of innocent animals. People don't mind eating meat as … Continue reading

"There is but one God. His name is Truth; he is the creator. He fears none; he is without hate. He never dies; he is beyond the cycle of births and death. He is self-illuminated. He is realized by the kindness of the True Guru. He was true in the beginning; he was true when … Continue reading