Living Outside the Box

Im not like others. I don’t check my instagram the second I wake up, I don’t party every weekend – in fact I don’t even remember the last party I’ve been too, and I don’t sit around with my friends gossiping my life away.. Life is to precious to conform into a mindless follower, giving in to societal norms.

Why must everyone be so quick to judge others and put them down? What good has jealousy and hate ever done but cause wars and greed. We live in a world where materialistic things are most important to people… It makes them fake and selfish. However, these are not things you can take to the grave with you. Death is everywhere and can happen to anyone; it does not exclude women, children, the good people, and the bad. Your personal legend is what people will remember you for; your name – what you believed in and stood for. Strive to accomplish your dreams and never doubt yourself. Be courageous, kind and help others. Always stay genuine and positive. These are the things that will bring you true happiness and get you further in life.

Realities are wrong, dreams are for real. — Tupac Shakur


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